I Rise

06:15 8.13.16

I didn’t sleep well last night, my brain couldn’t get quiet. It’s been eight years since I was in this neck of the woods.  

I didn’t know what to expect from making this journey. But, so far, feelings abound like the files of a fragmented computer. Bits and pieces of old sentiments are strewn about in inappropriate places. The sunlight has yet to kiss the Earth and I awake hesitant around my task.

Today I will see my old market, home, and the runway I used to fly from. All mere shells of what they once were, hollow and empty. This place is no longer me, but it was once.

Now the sun is coming up, beckoning me to start the process. I look out the window of my hotel room and see the wind rustling through the branches of the palo verdes. This is morning in the desert. It should dissipate around noon. Ah memories.

And so it shall be…a day to remember, to grieve, to let go and move forward with courage and perseverance.  One more opportunity to shake free the ashes of the past.

In the words of Maya Angelou “Into a daybreak that’s wonderously clear, I rise.”


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